Monday, October 3, 2011

Pictures for Minnesota

Penelope on the beach at Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Mommy and Judah

Poppy, Mommy, Judah in G-ma Rainys tree

Penelope playing in the back yard in her boots

Penelope and Mocha on the dock. View from the house

Saturday, October 1, 2011


We just got home from a fun filled week long trip to Minnesota. We flew in Friday morning and spent the day in Blackduck (near Bemidji) then left Sunday morning and drove to Deluth. We spent the night in Deluth at a hotel over looking Lake Superior.

Monday morning we went to a couple stores enjoyed the city and then went to the Lake Superior Zoo. Lucky for us our Brevard Zoo pass got us in free! The weather could not have been more beautiful to walk around the zoo.

Penelope and Judah had a great time playing outside and spending time with G-ma Rainy, aunt Amelia and Uncle Justin.

Poppy hugging Judah in front of G-ma Rainys roses

Penelope being silly in her awesome vest!

Judah eating grass

Poppy helping Daddy mow

Judah says "hey, whats up"

Big sister and little brother in Pjs

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Poppy and Judah- growing so fast

Well time is flying by. I can not believe Judah is almost 6 months old. He is a great baby, seriously great. He is so mellow, and he loves his sister. He is starting to attempt crawling, meaning he is trying to get on his hand and knees and has been successful a couple times. The fake cough has started and really just makes me laugh. Judah officially has cut 1 tooth, but has 7 more coming in, his gums are swollen but he is a trooper. I enjoy learning more about this little man and his personality every day.

Penelope is a little person now, there is no denying it. She can say anything she wants and can do a lot of big girl things, such as: take her clothes on and off, "help" mommy cut coupons with her own scissors. She can put a movie in to watch and start it all by herself, and get food out of the cabinets. She runs like Pheobe from friends, her legs just flail about all willy nilly, she looks like she could fall at any second I love it!

here are some recent pictures of the kiddos!

judah after bath time in his dino towel I made

Poppy holding Judah before church

the kids hanging out together on the couch

Poppy is in her favorite pjs

(favorite is also her word of choice right now,

everything is her faaaavorrite)

G-ma and the kid for the last space shuttle launch

we had a great view from the condo

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Growing up so fast

Penelope is getting so old it is crazy. I can't believe she is 27 months old and kind of potty trained. She talks so much it is crazy. She has started calling mommy seed and Dane daddy seed, because we call her poppy seed. It is super cute.
Here she is trying to get her Hello Kitty bubble maker to work

Judah is getting so big. He is already growing out of all his 3m size clothes, he has't even had a chance to wear all of them. I really need to go through the closet and take out things that don't fit and get all the bigger sizes out. He is so social! he just smile and smile and talks to everyone. He is not a cryer, only when we are in the car or if he is really tired. He is a great sleeper. He has been sleeping 7pm-7am with a feeding at 10pm for 3 straight weeks now it is awesome. I tried to get a picture of a big smile but as soon as I take the camera out his face goes blank.cute smile

tummy time with cloth diaper butt

On a side note, I love my diapers. I am so glad that my sister Veronica did all that research and convinced us to use them. They work so much better than disposable diapers and they they are cute. Even if the were as expensive as disposable I would still use them, I really love them that much

Monday, April 4, 2011

We Have 2 Kids!

So I am a horrible blogger. but now that Penelope is almost 2 and Judah is 7 weeks I guess I can post about them.
Penelope is speaking full sentences, she can pretty much communicate anything she wants. This is awesome and annoying at the same time. She thinks she has a say in everything and wants you to repeat everything she says so she knows that you know what she is saying. She LOVES Judah, and wishes she could be his mom. She pretends to nurse her baby doll, Pink, and then she burps her and lays her down for naps and makes sure everyone in the house is quiet.
Poppy's favorite things to do are play in the sprinkler, try to sew like mommy, and go to church to see her favorite childcare worker, Jeff. She also love love loves Veggietales. She likes mommy to draw pictures of Larry, Bob tomato, and Junior.Judah is smiling and cooing like crazy. He rolled over yesterday on accident and was not very happy about it. He is starting to sleep through the night! YAY! He has slept form 10-7 with no feedings 3 out of the last 5 days. He is a very happy baby except when his sister trys to love him a little too closely.
Penelope and Babydoll Pink

playing in the sprinkler

Judah, 6 days old